Wild One

Six Flags America

Project Type: overhaul

The red train for The Wild One is at PTCI for winter overhaul during the 2018/2019 winter season.

In 2017 The Wild One celebrated its 100th birthday! Originally in 1917, The Wild One was built in Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts at Paragon Park as The Giant Coaster. Through the years the coaster encountered two fires and was redesigned by both Herbert P. Schmeck and John C. Allen. It operated at Paragon Park until 1984 when it was sold to Wild World, later to become Six Flags America. The Wild One features 2 PTCI trains comprised of 4 cars each in the three seat articulating style.

The Wild One arrives for winter overhaul 11.08.18
Unloading the truck 11.08.18
Disassembly begins 11.08.18
Removing articulating units 11.12.18
Parts disassembled ready for cleaning and inspection 12.03.18
Subassemblies are painted 01.14.19
Side panels are added 01.22.19
Ready for shipment 02.13.19
Cars are loaded and ready for departure 02.13.19