By having a large selection, PTCI is able to manufacture cars for all wooden roller coasters around the world. This selection includes the Junior Car, the PTCI 360, the 2 Seat Car, the 3 Seat Car and the 4 Seat Car. To learn more about our products see below or contact us.

Junior Coaster Car

The Junior car has all of the features found throughout our traditional body style coaster cars, including the articulating chassis. It is designed to fit Junior, Scoobie Doo® and Kiddie coasters and their smaller passengers.

As with all PTCI cars, we offer a variety of interior seat colors including our standard colors, and we can incorporate any color scheme that is specified.

    PTCI 360

The PTCI 360 is our first and only train that was intentionally designed to complete an entire inversion. Manufactured with single-seat cars, the PTCI 360 utilizes an articulating chassis to flip, turn, and navigate through any wooden coaster.

2 Seat Coaster Car

Our traditional styled car is the backbone of the wooden roller coaster industry, proven to be the car of choice around the world.

It is also available with our articulating chassis to meet the demanding needs of the wooden roller coaster design.

3 Seat Coaster Car

This high capacity car incorporates our traditional body style and it comes with various high and low seat back configurations plus several safety-proven passenger restraint systems.