Since 1904, Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. has placed the quality of products and services as their top priority. This commitment to excellence through the last 100 plus years has earned the respect and admiration of the Amusement Industry. Today and in the future, we will continue to improve and refine our products to meet new challenges through our experience and innovations.

Original PTCI Factory

In 1904, the Philadelphia Toboggan Company was founded and established by Henry Auchy and Chester Albright. Over the years, famous names in the roller coaster industry such as Joe McKee, John Miller, John Zalar, Herbert P. Schmeck and John Allen were responsible for 147 wooden roller coasters bearing the PTC banner. 82 of those coasters are still in operation today. PTC also manufactured 87 carousels, with approximately 35 of them still in operation also.

Lansdale PTCI Factory

In 1971, Mr. Sam High III, who was the company president at the time, moved the headquarters from Germantown, PA to 8th and Maple Streets in Lansdale, PA. Since its beginning Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. has built coasters, carousels, Crazy Daisy rides, Skee Ball (sold in 1985) and complete fun houses for amusement parks around the world.

Thomas D. Rebbie joined the company in 1977 and moved on to be the General Manager in 1985 under the direction of Sam High III. In November 1991 Mr. Rebbie purchased the company from Mr. High and assumed the position of President / CEO. He also changed the company name to Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc.

In 1994, Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. went on to purchase the wooden coaster car division of the Morgan Manufacturing Company in California and the cars were to be marketed under the name of “The Californian”. Currently, PTCI offers 8 production styles of coaster cars. The most popular and traditional type of car consists of a 1-seat, 2-seat, 3-seat or a junior car in an articulating or non-articulating style.

Current PTCI Factory

In 1999 PTCI relocated its headquarters and manufacturing facility 4 miles north in Hatfield, PA. The new facility is twice the size of the Lansdale one and allows room for future expansion. We maintain the largest wooden coaster parts inventory in the world enabling our highly skilled technicians to excel when reconditioning cars from yesterday. Being a full service company also enables us to easily attain a customer’s special needs or specific requirements.

Tom is at the helm with over 30 years of experience in the amusement industry positioning Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. to continue providing world class cars along with new concepts to our customers and their riders in the coming years.