Dorney Park

Project Type: overhaul

Both of The Thunderhawk's maroon and gold trains are in the shop at PTCI for the 2018/2019 winter season receiving winter overhaul.

The Thunderhawk, originally called Coaster, was designed by Herbert P. Schmeck and opened in 1924 at Dorney Park. It was designed as an out and back coaster and later received a profile reconfiguration in 1930 adding a figure eight twister section. The Coaster received it’s name change in 1989 to The Thunderhawk but has kept it’s same tradition wood coaster profile since the 1930’s. In 2016 Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. was proud to build 2 brand new trains for Dorney Park. The Thunderhawk now operates with 2 three seat articulating trains comprised of 4 cars in each train.

The maroon train arrives for winter overhaul 10.29.18
The gold train arrives for winter overhaul 10.29.18
Disassembly begins 11.05.18
Panels are removed 11.06.18
Bodies and upholstery ready for cleaning and inspection 11.15.18
Chassis painted and ready for reassembly 01.22.19
Final assembly complete 02.13.19
Both trains are shipped back to Dorney Park 02.19.19