Boardwalk Bullet

Kemah Boardwalk

Project Type: overhaul

The Boardwalk Bullet train arrived this fall for winter overhaul during the 2018/2019 winter season.

The Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk located in Kemah, Texas debuted in 2007. Designed by The Gravity Group and built by Martin & Vleminckx the Boardwalk Bullet features 3,236 feet of track in a very compact space, about 1 acre. Reaching speeds up to 51 MPH, the twisted track includes a 92 foot drop, 42 crossovers and a view of the Galveston Bay which is only about 5 feet away from the structure. The Boardwalk Bullet has 3 PTCI trains in total each featuring 6 cars of 2 seat articulating cars.

The Boardwalk Bullet arrives for winter overhaul 08.16.18
The Truck is unloaded 08.16.18
Disassembly begins 08.14.18
Disassembly continues 09.04.18
Wheels and articulating units are cleaned and inspected 09.05.18
Final assembly begins 09.24.18
Side panels are added 09.27.18
Final assembly concludes 10.04.18
The truck is loaded and The Boardwalk Bullet is shipped back to Kemah, TX. 10.16.18