Blue Streak

Cedar Point

Project Type: overhaul

The Blue Streak is in the shop for winter overhaul for the 2018/2019 winter season.

The Blue Streak at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is an out and back coaster designed by Frank Hoover and John Allen of Philadelphia Toboggan Company. Built in 1964 this classic coaster has been offering thrills for over 50 years. Riders enjoy a 40 MPH ride on 2,558 feet of track reaching a top height of 78 feet. The Blue Streak operates 2 trains each featuring 4 three seat standard car from PTCI.

The Blue Streak arrives for winter overhaul 11.20.18
Disassembly begins. 12.05.18
Body panels disassembled ready for cleaning 12.21.18
Chassis set up ready for final assembly 03.22.19
Final assembly complete 04.05.19
Loading the truck 04.09.19
Ready for departure 04.09.19