The Roar

Six Flags America

Project Type: overhaul

The Roar has one train at PTCI for winter overhaul during the 2017/2018 winter season.

The Roar at Six Flags America opened in 1998. Built by Great Coasters International and designed by Mike Boodley, the Roar features 3,468 feet of track with a height of 94 feet and a drop of 85 feet. The Roar runs 2 PTCI two seat articulating trains with 6 cars each.

The Roar Arrives at PTCI 11.07.17
Chassis Ready for inspection 11.13.17
Seat Going to the Upholstery Shop 11.30.17
Side panels and seat bodies are installed 02.20.18
Final assembly complete, time to load the truck 03.08.18
Truck is loaded and ready for shipment 01.01.70