The HellCat

Clementon Amusement Park

Project Type: overhaul

The blue train from the HellCat is in the shop at PTCI for the 2017/2018 winter season receiving winter overhaul.

The HellCat coaster is 2,602 feet long and debuted late in the operating park season in 2004. Built by S&S Sensei, its first drop is 105 feet and can take its riders up to 56 MPH enjoying a ride time of about 1 minute and 30 seconds. The HellCat operates with 2 trains each comprised of 4 two seat articulating cars.

HellCat ready for disassembly 01.05.15
Inspection and disassembly of chassis 12.28.17
Parts organized for inspection 01.02.18
Brakes are installed and cars are ready to be flipped 04.04.18
Wheels have been added and chassis have been flipped 04.10.18
Seat sides are added to the chassis 04.12.18
Ready for shipment 04.30.18
Loading the truck 05.07.18
Truck loaded and ready to deliver the cars back to Clementon 05.07.18