PTCI will be closed Friday March 30th for the Easter Holiday and back on Monday April 2nd.

In the meantime and for your enjoyment, IT’S TIMELAPSE THURSDAY!

When PTCI coaster cars come back to PTCI for winter overhaul they are completely disassembled, each component of the coaster car is carefully cleaned, NDT inspected, primed and painted to meet all of PTCI safety standards.

After all components of the coaster cars are ready for re-assembly, the PTCI Techs re-assemble each coaster car.

But today we have a treat for you. Watch as Adam B. and Adam T. re-assemble two of the Voyage coaster cars, from Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN.  This process would normally take about 20 hours to complete, your about to watch it in one minute and three seconds.

Keep in mind, this Easter Sunday falls on April 1st, be sure to keep an eye out and see if you spot any “TOM” foolery in the video.

Be Safe and Have Fun.