The Raven

Holiday World

Project Type: overhaul

Both trains from The Raven are in the shop this winter season of 2018/2019 receiving winter overhaul.

You can find The Raven at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. The Raven, named for the Edgar Allan Poe poem, is one of the three world class wooden roller coasters found at Holiday World. Built 1995, The Raven takes riders rapidly through the thickly wooded hillside of Holiday World and completes a low swoop over Lake Rudolph. The Raven proudly features 2 PTCI two seat articulating trains comprised of 6 cars each.

The Raven arrives for winter overhaul 11.19.18
Seats and bodies have been removed from chassis 12.12.18
Flipping chassis 12.13.18
Parts stacked for inspection 01.14.19
Chassis set up for final assembly 02.21.19
Final assembly complete 03.20.19
Loading the truck 03.28.19
Ready to ship back to Holiday World 03.28.19