The Legend

Holiday World

Project Type: overhaul

Both trains from The Legend are in the shop for the 2018/2019 winter season receiving winter overhaul.

Whatever you do, don’t look back. The Legend thrills riders of all ages at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. Inspired by The Legend of Sleep Hallow, riders are taken on a wild journey of twist and turns as if the Headless Horseman himself is chasing after them. Operating since 2000, The Legend features a 113 foot drop, 4,042 feet of track and 5 tunnels. The Legend proudly runs 2 PTCI two seat articulating trains comprised of 6 cars each.

The Legend arrives for winter overhaul 11.19.18
Disassembly begins. 11.26.18
Bodies removed and ready for cleaning 12.10.18
Final assembly begins 02.21.19
Cars are completed 03.20.19
Loading the truck he truck 03.26.19
Ready to return to Holiday World 03.26.19