Cannon Ball

Lake Winnepesaukah

Project Type: overhaul

One train from the Cannon Ball is in the shop for winter overhaul for the 2018/2019 season.

Built in 1967, Cannon Ball was designed by Philadelphia Toboggan Company’s lead coaster designer, John C. Allen. The Cannon Ball is a classic out and back wood coaster that features a 70 foot drop and reaches speeds up 50 MPH. The Cannon Ball has 2 PTCI three seat standard trains that are comprised of 3 cars each.

The Cannonball arrives for winter overhaul 09.12.18
Unloading the truck 09.12.18
Disassembly begins 09.13.18
The wood shop begins working on the Cannonball 10.09.18
New parts are machined 10.30.18
Chassis are assembled and wheels are added 11.01.18
Panels are painted 12.06.18
Side panels are installed 12.10.18
Seats and upholstery are installed 01.09.19
Handrails are installed 01.14.19
Final assembly complete 02.21.19
Cars are loaded 04.08.19
Ready to return to Lake Winnie 04.08.19