The Rampage

Alabama Splash Adventure

Project Type: overhaul

The Rampage arrived in the fall of 2017 and is in the shop this winter season for winter overhaul and restoration.

The Rampage was built in 1998 by Custom Coasters International, Inc. for VisonLand in Bessemer, Alabama. It features 3,500 feet of track with a height of 120 feet and a drop of 102 feet. The coaster thrilled riders throughout the years reaching speeds up to 56 MPH, but sadly closed in 2011, due to a management change. The Rampage stood standing but not operational from 2011-2014. 2014 brought new management to the park and a promise to reopen the beloved wood coaster. On May 23, 2015, The Rampage reopened to the public at Alabama Splash Adventure with restored trains, a new paint job and a new logo.

The Rampage Arrives 10.17.17
Rampage ready for disassembly 10.18.17
Chassis stacked, ready for cleaning 11.08.17
Seat sides ready for inspection 11.27.17
Small Parts getting ready for NDT 12.13.17
Chassis set up for reassembly 03.27.18
Side panels are installed 03.29.18
Mechanisms installed 03.29.18
Cars are completed and ready to ship 04.05.18
Rampage cars loaded into the truck 04.09.18
The Rampage is ready to return to Alabama 04.09.18